"Pittsburgh Mailing provided presort services to Ohio Valley General Hospital for over five years, and within the past year also began metering our mail on a daily basis. As you know, we recently decided to switch those services to a vendor who offered us lower pricing. They promised us they could do everything we needed, but followed through on none of it.

In the three months we used the new vendor, we experienced a multitude of problems. We received large quantities of mail back via the USPS that was sent out without any postage applied. We had date sensitive checks that were not received by our vendors for up to two weeks after we sent them. There were days that our driver did not show up at all. Our billing was inaccurate and included unexpected and unexplained fees and surcharges. Numerous efforts on our part to resolve billing issues were unsuccessful. Our sales representative was frequently unavailable and often failed to appear for scheduled appointments.

Ohio Valley General Hospital is now back with Pittsburgh Mailing, and I wanted to thank you for helping solve this problem. We were able to start our services again within two hours of meeting with you. We are happy to be back and look forward to doing business with you for years to come."

- Nick Hotujec, Director, Materials Management, Ohio Valley General Hospital
"CONSOL Energy, Inc. has been a client of Pittsburgh Mailing for the last four and a half years. Pittsburgh Mailing provides regular courier service for our administrative offices and several of our mine sites in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia and they deliver our daily mail to the U.S. Post Office. We use Pittsburgh Mailing's presort service, and we occasionally use Pittsburgh Mailing's printing, inserting and mailing services. Pittsburgh Mailing's staff keeps in close communication with us and they promptly address any concern we may raise. We remain pleased with their service, dedication and professional work ethic. I would highly recommend Pittsburgh Mailing to any business."
- George W. Helf, Jr., Group Leader, Mail & Messenger, CONSOL Energy, Inc.
"Our success depends on getting the publication in the consumers' hands on time, in good shape and without breaking the bank. Pittsburgh Mailing accomplishes that for us month in, month out - consistently. No matter what we need - a quote, information, advice or ideas...they are there for us. Helping to keep costs down and quality up. What more could you ask for? We trust and appreciate Pittsburgh Mailing. It's a good company. Use them."
- Shelly Brown, CEO, Direct Results BSP, Inc.
"Mt. Lebanon Magazine has worked with Pittsburgh Mailing for more years than we can remember. (We left once and returned because the other supposedly "cheaper" mail house could not handle our job.) Fred Smallhover and his staff, including Clara Ziolkowski, watch over our job closely because they know Mt. Lebanon residents want to receive their news promptly. If there is a glitch on our end or with our printer, they bend over backwards to help resolve the problem and meet the deadline. "
- Susan Fleming Morgans, Public Information Officer, Mt. Lebanon Municipality

"Our organization relies upon Pittsburgh Mailing for on-time service, and we are always amazed by their prompt and courteous attention to our needs. It has been a pleasure working with all of the staff at Pittsburgh Mailing for many years."

- Tom Parry, Partner, American International Mailing

"Pittsburgh Mailing has been our printing and mailing vendor for more than two years. They coordinate our material printing, letter personalization and letter shop services.

Pittsburgh Mailing is always on time and on budget, and has the best prices. Their sales and customer service representatives have extensive direct mail knowledge and share many excellent ideas for our mailing projects. "

- Chris Crytzer, Focus On Renewal
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Pittsburgh Mailing takes the current conditions of the environment very seriously. Giant steps have been taken to help reduce the environmental impact of our mailing and printing processes.


Pittsburgh Mailing's machinery features some of the most advanced technology available today to meet your printing, presorting, folding, sealing, and insertion needs.


Pittsburgh Mailing's couriers can pick-up your outgoing mail and deliver it to a United States Postal Service office, or deliver small packages between branch locations, suppliers, and/or customers.

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