Personalized URL's
Maximize your direct mail's effectiveness by encouraging online responses with a personalized URL campaign. PURLs are designed to work in connection with direct mail to gain pertinent information and increase sales by issuing your potential leads a personalized landing page of their own. PURLs can increase response rates with customized marketing that engages your audience. You can gain valuable information consumers quickly and easily. Plus, you can track and measure responses in real time. Contact a representative at Pittsburgh Mailing for more information and to start your PURL campaign.

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Pittsburgh Mailing takes the current conditions of the environment very seriously. Giant steps have been taken to help reduce the environmental impact of our mailing and printing processes.


Pittsburgh Mailing can personalize and image your letters, including spot color for signatures or image full-color logos.


Pittsburgh Mailing's couriers can pick-up your outgoing mail and deliver it to a United States Postal Service office, or deliver small packages between branch locations, suppliers, and/or customers.

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